Vinyl Decals

Ever been confused as to which water bottle is yours? Does your school binder look the same as everyone else’s? With many different designs and the ability to request a custom design, vinyl decals solve these problems by giving you a way to personalize your belongings.

Our decals are vector cut from vinyl adhesive sheets and are best for simpler, single colored designs. Compared to our self-adhesive stickers, these decals are more durable and are ideal for objects that experience more duress, like car bumpers, rear-view windows, and sports water bottles.

Stop by the MAX to see some pre-made vinyl decals in person, place an order here, or contact a DREAM student for more details.

Tips for Installing Vinyl!
1. Wipe the surface with alcohol
2. Let the surface dry for 30 seconds
3. Peel off the backing paper so that the vinyl’s sticky side faces out
4. Apply the vinyl side onto the intended surface
5. Rub to remove any bubbles that form (a credit card works great)
6. Remove transfer paper

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