Who are we?

CV DREAM is a class of engineering students at Crescent Valley High School. This year, the DREAM class is during 6th period.
Our current roster consists of:
Jay Archer
Seraj Bonakdar
Spencer Boock
Porter Bovee
Vicki Chang
Makayla Daniels
Drew Dody
Payton Ford
Kathy Hu
Lucy Lin
Craig Lind
Abraham Mes
Philip Nelson
Nate Olsen
Aloyis Pitkin
Claire Richards
Blaise Sims
Aditya Sriram
Suzuran Takikawa
James Yang

What do you guys do?

In our class, we design, create, and market products for sale. Some of our products include sticker decals, keychains, phone cases, and candles.

What makes you guys unique?

Unlike many other places around town or online, most of our products are customizable. If you want a custom sticker for your car, water bottle, or binder, we can make it.

In addition, our products are all hand-made by CV DREAM students, and the proceeds from our products go directly back to funding the engineering program at CV.

Where can I buy a product?

We are selling our products in the MAX. In the MAX, you can purchase products like our keychains and candles. In addition, you can place an order online. You can then pay and receive your product in the MAX.

How do I place a custom order?

In the MAX, you can find a custom order form. In addition, placing an order online gives you a custom order option.


If these options do not suffice, contact our head representative, James Yang, at 98yang.james@gmail.com. He will redirect you to the appropriate representative. For quicker feedback time, you can directly contact the product-specific representatives listed below.

Product Representative Contact Information
Keychain Aloyis Pitkin atrainjp@gmail.com
Phone Case Nate Olsen nateolsen12@gmail.com
Holiday Ornament Box/Light Shard Foster Kirsch foster.kirsch@comcast.net
Sticker Jay Archer kumacatboy@gmail.com
Candles Claire Richards clairer.cvhs@gmail.com